Td Pre Authorized Debit Agreement

2 You have read, understood and accepted the terms of the pre-sale contract that are part of this form. Signing of the account holder Signature the name of the joint account holder (print) Name (print) Date (month/day/year) Date (month/day/year). Sign in ID number. You must attach a “VOID” cheque for a chequing account or the top of your account statement for a savings account. Their permission cannot be processed without it. If the joint account, all authorized signatures are required. If the form is complete, email or fax to: TD Canada Trust Personal Credit Card: 1-877-941-4033. P O Box 337 STN A Business card: 1-877-941-8689. Only Orangeville ON L9W 9Z9 Commercial Credit Card: 905-214-0681 /. 1-888-996-0939.

Page 1 of 2 522740 (0812). Pre-authorized Payment Agreement In this agreement, “we,” “we,” “our,” “TD Canada Trust” and “TD” to Toronto-Dominion Bank and its successors or transfer recipients, and “you” and “you” refer to each PAD account holder. 4 You allow us to debit the PAD account for all amounts due from time to time under the TD credit card account for the amount of payment based on the payment on the form. AS THE Payment AMOUNT IS VARIABLE, YOU WAIVE ANY REQUIREMENT THAT TD GIVE. PRE-NOTIFICATION OF ANY AMOUNT OF PAYMENT. TD can issue one PAD per month. You can revoke this authorization at any time by communicating to us 30 days in advance. Such communication can be written or oral (if we are able to verify your identity). To obtain a model withdrawal form or to obtain more information about your rights to terminate a PAD contract, you can contact your financial institution or visit the cancellation of that authorization so as not to cancel the TD credit card account or to relieve you of the obligation to pay all amounts due to us by a payment method satisfactory to us. This authorization applies only to the payment method and does not otherwise affect your obligations to us. You acknowledge that this authorization is the delivery to the PAD institution. 3 “PAD” refers to a charge approved under this Contract and “PAD Account” to the account listed on the pre-authorized payment form (the “form”) or any other replacement account as they have indicated to us.

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