Puppy Agreement Contract

That`s why it`s so important to read the treaty before you sign it! I send a copy of the contract before they even get to see the puppies, but I have a lot of buyers doing the same thing and I go back and point them out, read it in its entirety, because it is a valid contract and if there is a problem later, the contract will be legally as written. This is probably the most important part of the treaty. All parties must print, sign and date the contract in order to make it mandatory and official. An ethical breeder has dedicated his life to raising beautiful, healthy and well-behaved dogs. Breeding requires a lot of dedication, according to strict practices, planning health check-ups, and ensuring that every puppy for sale receives love and socialization from the time of birth. Impressive beautiful shore puppies, it 6187562568 Contract/Guarantee Buyer Information: Name Address Phone Puppies Information: Puppies Name/s Date of Birth Sex Father Damm Puppy Purchase Price: . . . The seller transfers to the buyer, on the date shown below, all responsibilities, privileges and rights related to the possession of a dog (sex) of breed (race name). This represents the entire agreement between the seller and the buyer in a sale (Outright/Co-Ownership or Limited Registration). A serious breeder will provide a medical history and health leave that will show that the puppy`s bloodline has been scanned and erased by frequent diseases in their breed. List this in the contract. A contract protects both the buyer and the seller by indicating the terms of this agreed transaction from the price to the provision of guarantees for the dog`s family tree, veterinary checks, health screening, vaccination, registration, etc.

All this so that the buyer cannot turn around a few months later and accuses you of withholding information, and you cannot turn around a few months later and ask for money, for example. But there is another important way to see a breeder contract – and it is not considered “Gotcha” waiting to happen. For many breeders, contracts are an opportunity to share their philosophy, advice and expectations about the dog they entrust to you. Signing a contract reminds you of the enormous responsibility you take on and codifies all the things your breeder has told you during your many visits and phone calls, but that you were probably too overwhelmed or distracted to process and remember. And here is a simpler presentation of a puppy contract that you can also modify to make it more specific to what you and the buyer have agreed to.

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