Learning Agreement Valencia

Classes are free. NAWA grants 500 PLN as well as full board and accommodation. Who can apply for the program?1.Students who are not Polish citizens2. Students who are not enrolled in a Polish university (academic year 2017/2018) 3. Learning Polish or, at the very least, having a knowledge of English at the B1 level, there are different Spanish and international organisations that allow students and graduates to do internships outside the Erasmus framework. To submit your application, it is essential for the university to make a private internship contract with the host institution. All you have to do is send us this model of agreement and the schedule duly completed at internships@uchceu.es, and there is no deadline for that! Note that after the introduction of the ESHE, Spanish universities follow the 4-1 system (4 – 4 years of bachelor`s degree studies – 1 year of postgraduate studies) that, in many cases, European students enrolled in master`s programs can take the bachelor`s courses in our 4th year, as they correspond to the first year of other European masters, but they cannot take official master`s courses. This condition does not apply to students who are nominated for a specific master`s degree under the bilateral master`s agreement between the two partner universities. Copying a valid ID card or passport; The proposed apprenticeship agreement, signed by the candidate, the Erasmus administration coordinator and the Erasmus academic coordinator, or coordinator of the curriculum of the sending university. Please use the European doc. Presentation on ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/resources/documents/applicants/learning-agreement_en) – Motivational Letter – CV (2 pages max) in English, including extracurricular activities (courses, seminars, conferences, published research, etc.) and professional experience in the field of courses.

Please use the European model on europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions.iehtml; Applicants must submit the following documents: 1.pass copy2. Cv in Europass format (europass.cedefop.europa.eu/)3. Agreement on staff mobility for training (ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/resources/documents/applicants/mobility-agreement_en) (theme, description, mobility objectives, expected activities, etc.) 4. Reference for work at YSUFor more information, please contact YSU International Relations Division-Central building, 4th floor, room 408, Tel.

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