Kasimkota Agreement

Following the war, Vizianagaram came under British rule and became Zamindari. Afterwards the British occupied Vijayanagara city. But they returned Zamindari to Narayanababu. They renewed the lands of Zamindare and deprived them of their unique enterprise. In 1802, the British implemented the permanent control system in zamindaris. The British tried to increase the payment of Peskas de Vijayanagara Zamindar and reduce the strength of his army and ordered to pay his taxes by 8,50,000 Peskas. Although Rajah proved that he had no taxes, the British captured Vijayanagara on August 2, 1793. The British ordered Vijayaramaraju to go into exile in Masulipatnam with the retirement of 1,200 a month. But Vijayaramaraju refused this order and went to Padmanabham between Bhimunipatnam and Vizianagaram. British troops defeated Vizianagaram`s army and Chinavijayaramaraju died from a bullet wound in battle.

After the death of Ananda Gajapatiraju Vijayaramaraju Rajah became the Vizianagaram Zamindari. He was still a boy. Sitaramaraju was named Divan, the son of his mother-in-law was necessary. When Rajah got older, he abducted Sitaramaraju from Diwani. [Clarification needed] Diwan was upset by this action, he formed an alliance with the English. After Vijayaramaraju`s death, his son Narayanababu took refuge in the village of Makkuva. The Konda Dora and Sardars supported it. In the end, he signed a contract with the British and agreed to pay 5 million peskas. The Battle of Padmanabha took place on 10 July 1794 in Padmanabham, Visakhapatnam district (now Andhra Pradesh, India).

This battle led Zamindar of Vijayanagar against Colonel Pendargast, on behalf of the British governor of Madras, Sir Charles Oakly. Vizianagaram Raja Chinna Vijayaramaraju died during the war. In 1768, the parlakimidi, Ganjam, Mohiri, Gunsuru and Pratapagiri tribal regions were ruled by 20 zamindars. They had 34 fortresses and entertained about 35,000 armed troops. Many jamindars rebelled against the English East India Company. Some of the castles were in the hills of many. As a result, the defeated Zamindar rebels were withdrawn from Hill Fortress.

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