District Council 16 Painters Master Agreement

The term “wage earner” does not cover the self-employed, either as an individual entrepreneur or as a partner. The following categories of employees are entitled to become plan participants if they comply with the rules of the plan outlined in this section. If you have not achieved free movement status or are not retired, your participation will end if you plan a one-year outage (December 31 of a calendar year in which you work less than 400 hours of service). After the termination, you will be a participant again after meeting the 400-hour requirement described above among the participants. In general, you will participate in this plan on January 1 or July 1 after completing at least 400 hours of service for a contributing employer in a professional category under a collective agreement between your employer and a local association affiliated with District Council No. 16 of the International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Professions for a period of twelve consecutive calendar months. Other persons described above as “authorized personnel” are also entitled to become participants. To determine if you meet the 400-hour requirement, hours of service are also counted in a continuous covert job with a contributing employer.

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