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The campus was designed by German teacher Fritz Karsen and architect Leopold Rother, both refugees from Nazi Germany. Construction began in 1935 under the government of Alfonso Lépez Pumarejo. It is divided into an ellipse divided into five parts, each comprising an academic department and its respective departments. From the air, we see the shape of an owl that represents a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. The buildings were built as prismatic blocks and painted white to give a strict and clean appearance. The National University of Colombia, Medellén has two campuses, the Central Campus and the Robledo Campus, where 10,447 students study. This site offers about 29% of the places for new students at National. This page also has 555 faculty professors, of whom 38% are doctors, 44% are master,8% were specialists and 10% are professionals. This page offers 26 bachelor`s courses and 73 bachelor`s courses: 15 PhD students, 28 masters and 29 specializations. [Citation required] The National University of Colombia (Spanish: Universidad Nacional de Colombia) is a state university in Colombia with general campuses in Bogota, Medellén, Manizales and Palmira, and satellite campuses Leticia, San Andrés (island), Arauca, Tumaco and La Paz, Cesar. Founded in 1867 by an act of the Colombian Congress,[5] it is one of the largest universities in the country, with more than 53,000 students.

[6] It grants numerous university degrees and offers 450 university programs, including 95 bachelor`s degrees, 83 university specializations, 40 medical specialties, 167 master`s degrees and 65 doctorates. Approximately 44,000 students are enrolled for a bachelor`s degree and 8,000 for a postgraduate degree. [7] It is also one of the few universities that employ postdoctoral fellows in the country. The universidad Nacional ya no tiene convenio con Overleaf. Lo dice en la pagina que esta puesta arriba. “We currently have no institutional partnership with the National University of Colombia (UNAL), but we would like to build a partnership. It is a temporary portal to provide more information about institutional accounts on Overleaf. ” tambien falta mencionar el JetBrains Product Pack for Students that incluye intellij Ultimate, Pycharm Ultimate, RubyMine, PhpStorm, WebStorm, CLion, Rider y otro monton m`s. L informacién esté ace y para acceder al beneficio solo hace falta crear una cuenta con el correo de la universidad. Its history gave Medellén a special character, since it was formed, as in most universities, from the classical degrees of law, medicine, art and science.

The site started with engineering programs, which is why Medellin today has the largest number of engineering programs (17) of all campuses of the National University of Colombia and in Colombia in general. [Citation required] y con Adobe Acrobat Reader tiene the universidad convenio? Gracias Ahora the comunidad de la universidad nacional contara con licesia para MAtlba y Simulink Some tourist sites on campus are the Auditorium Leén de Greiff and the Francisco de Paula Santander Plaza, also known as “Central Plaza” or “Ché Plaza”, in homage to Ernesto el Ché Guevara. The campus has its own stadium, where matches for Colombian professional football are sometimes held. The university city of Bogota (Spanish: Ciudad Universitaria de Bogoté), also known as the White City (Spanish: Ciudad Blanca), is the university`s flagship campus. It is located in the village of Teusaquillo, northwest of the historic centre. It is also the largest campus in Colombia, with an area of 1,200,000 m2 (300 hectares) and a built-up area of 308,541 m2 (76,242 hectares), making it a large campus with several green spaces, open spaces and footpaths.

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