Irrational Sessions 006


Initially, I named this mix as TSOL004, but due to a mix up with my posts and due to the fact that my subsequent mix got accepted for rotation on, I decided to give that mix the name of TSOL004. I fucked up, perhaps, but I wanted to keep continuity there.

Now here, I’m posting that mix under this other name. Just for the record, I call every mix I make as Irrational Sessions, and eventually one of them get to adopt other names, that’s why you might see the numbers jump 3 or more spots in the numeric sequence.


01. Ilya Soloviev – Reflections (Original Mix)
02. Ralphie B – Bullfrog (Original Mix)
03. Sunny Lax – Always (Matt Skyer Remix)
04. Cloudriver – Daylight (Right Face Remix)
05. Estiva – Les Fleurs (Juventa Mix)
06. Adam Foley – Fourteen Falls (Original Mix)
07. Arisen Flame – More Than a Feeling (Uplifting Mix)
08. Digital Sundown (Original Mix)
09. Arkadi – S500 (Dark Mix)
10. Juventa – For That Special Girl (Original Mix)
11. Estiva feat. Josie – Better Days (Daniel Kandi Proglift Mix)
12. Chris Metcalfe – First Encounter (Original Mix)
13. ReOrder – White Sands of Ibiza (liam K’s Almost Dub Edit)


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