The Sparks of Life – Episode 3

Hello! Here comes Episode 3 of my line of Sparks of Life line of mixes, well, sort of …

I sent this mix to about a month ago, but (at the moment of this writing) I still haven’t received an answer, so I’m assuming they haven’t accepted it for some reason, or are too busy to attend my request just yet. Kinda sad, as I think this is a way better episode than the last one. Either way, I decided to post this here, just in case anyone may happen to come here and is wondering why I haven’t posted anything lately. xD

So why it’s “sort of” a new episode? It’s only cause I’m still editing this mix nearly every single day to find a better arrangement of the tracklist. When I sent the mix to DI for consideration, I was pretty much happy with it to the point I locked the tracklist and simply decided to improve the transitions while not adding anything new. But, as it tends to be the case when I listen to a mix repeatedly, I started to find things I wanted to change, so I got myself to try new arrangements and add a couple of new tracks to see how they’d sound, and so far I still haven’t managed to improve it, anything I’ve tried so far hasn’t got any better.

However, I’m still happy enough with this mix to put it up here for download. Just beware, that I may replace this mix at a later time, should I find any error that may be bothering me, or in the case I may have struck some good luck and managed to get it into’s rotation. I’m not likely to make drastic changes, so if I publish a new “version” of it, it’s only for fine tuning. You may call it bugfixing, which it really is per say. 😀

Here’s the tracklist:

liam K – Sparks of Life (Episode 003)

01. Manendra feat. Eva Kade – Always (Original Mix)
02. Mango – Friday Coffee (Original Mix)
03. Pushout – For You (Ilya Soloviev Progressive Mix)
04. Matt Skyer pres. Skyover – Elixir (Original Mix)
05. Sean Tyas – Banshee (Original Mix)
06. Daniel Kandi – Promised (Original Emotional Mix)
07. Running Man pres. Fifth Dimension – Open your eyes (Original Mix)
08. John O’Callaghan & Timmy and Tommy – Talk to me (Original Mix)
09. Eva Kade – Pushing Hands to the Heaven (Poshout Dub Mix)
10. Juventa – Bente (Original Mix)
11. Julian vincent feat. Cathy Burton – No end (M6 vs Relocate Instrumental Mix)

To download, CLICK MOI!

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